Temporary Manager

Marino Firmani: Project Manager, Manager by objectives, Interim Manager

Since the economic crisis of 2007-08 the macro economic contest has completely changed. On the scene there are new markets and new producers, the emerging countries are more competitive and the international asset traffics have increased. Nowadays the economic system is even more connected and competitive than ten years ago and since there are positive estimates for the next future a Temporary Manager advice for your business could be necessary.


Marino Firmani, the founder of Fi.Mar. srl and a temporary manager as well, plays a key role in the management of SMEs’ emergency situations, filling a managerial gap or dealing with a business crisis, helping a company to re-launch its business or promoting a commercial development, supporting companies that are planning to access international markets or launch a start-up.

A temporary manager uses his skills and is directly involved in the definition of a project, precise objectives and process schedules, being always available and also planning training activities especially when a permanent manager must be coached or the business must be handed over the next generation.

The benefits of a Temporary Manager


  • Predefined costs
  • Successful results
  • Tailor-made contracts
  • Fast access to markets
  • Independent operations


He is an on call professional.

He plans a tour of the company to understand its needs and to discuss its guiding principles

He studies and analyses the current situation to identify critical and success factors, opportunities and threats

He suggests a strategic plan and a plan of action, as well as the actions required to reduce costs and increase benefits and forecast cash flows

He joins the company to implement his strategic plan, after approval and with a temporary mandate, and schedules regular meetings to assess progress

He ensures successful project completion


We work in numerous areas


We offer a network of actions, tools, services and relations to deal with organisational, technological or market changes, necessary to operate in a competitive scenario.


Preserving traditions while opening to globalization and new technological know-how, since handicraft can be an innovation driver. Our resource will offer his knowledge and expertise to find gaps in the reference market and the right target audience by type and geographical area.


Our intervention aims at modernizing management control, by monitoring economic and financial indicators and by improving skills related to a correct interpretation of market phenomena, to seize development opportunities.


Promotion, off-season tourism, diversification and internationalization: these are the key words if you want to succeed in the tourism industry. Adopting the right marketing strategy and implementing it in the right way is crucial for such a complex and competitive sector.

After a careful analysis of the distribution channels to be exploited and consolidated, we will identify the best marketing, management control and organisational strategies to be adopted to achieve your goals.


If the world of culture and art meets that of management, the artistic heritage can be successfully enhanced. Each area has its own identity, to be discovered through research, stories and the identification of peculiarities to be handed down form a generation to the next.

Our work aims at the implementation of cultural and artistic development projects, which include promotion and marketing strategies.


Today, offering always new services is the main challenge for sport clubs. We provide our support through marketing, business control, fund raising, communication and event management activities, also aimed at the re-organisation and management of sports facilities.


  • 1

    Quando si deve pilotare e gestire un processo complesso di cambiamento che interessa la cultura, la strategia e la struttura aziendale
  • 2

    Quando si debba gestire una situazione di turnaround legato a un momento di crisi

  • 3

    Quando si debba ristrutturare un’azienda o una sua parte prima di procede alla sua vendita

  • 4

    Quando si debba gestire uno sviluppo commerciale creando e coordinando una rete di vendita
  • 5

    Quando si vuole avviare una start up azienda - prodotto - marchio
  • 6

    Quando diventa strategica un’azione di espansione multinazionale in un processo di internazionalizzazione
  • 7

    Quando si debba attuare un coaching di un manager permanente o gestire la transizione
  • 8

    Quando si deve contribuire a gestire con successo il passaggio generazionale


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