Preserving traditions while opening to globalization and new technological know-how, since handicraft can be an innovation driver.

Our resource will offer his knowledge and expertise to find gaps in the reference market and the right target audience by type and geographical area.



Enaip Pordenone (2006/2009)

Coordinator of the regional project Imprenderò to launch craft businesses.

Enaip Udine (2010-2011)

Coordinator of the project ApprendistatoFvg aimed at developing a seminar circuit for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Filiera del Legno (2009)

Management consulting for a group of 10 craft businesses. Design, promotion and development of the project “Filiera del legno”, aimed at enhancing expertise and technological skills of subcontracting enterprises, by identifying competitive advantages compared to a de-localization strategy adopted by some industries, both medium and large.

Friuli Innovazione (2008)

Coordinator of a training process supporting a group of craftsmen for the development of a shared project.

Montagna Leader (2002-2006)

Consultant for a transnational project aimed at developing teleworking projects in rural areas of Italy, Finland and Ireland.