Today, the main goal for SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) is to trigger new cycles of commercial development by analysing international, yet accessible distribution routes, to be consolidated to adopt a loyalty marketing approach, to create sectoral and territorial alliances, to promote innovation and plan specific marketing and promotional strategies.

Three basic resources are needed to promote development and growth in a competitive scenario:

The skills of the actors generating value with the resources available

A clear vision of the future to be able to adopt the right skills to achieve a certain goal

The valorisation of the elements characterising the service offered which must be clearly recognisable

These resources, however, must be exploited in the new global business environment. To meet the challenges of a changing world, Fi.Mar. offers you high-quality consulting services based on the three pillars of contemporary economic competition.

Let us see them:


Why is it so important to invest in internationalization?

Small and medium-sized enterprises have fewer opportunities to invest in the creation of distribution platforms or in brand promotion, fewer resources for research and development of products and competitive processes, as well as a poor bargaining power. In other words, working alone is, today, more difficult and penalizing than ever. Business networks, on the other hand, provide greater economic strength, adequate human resources and capital to invest in internationalization, exports and innovation.

Implementing development projects means selecting initiatives based on an international vision and integration, and today this is easier, thanks to network business contracts, requiring more capital and human resources able to adopt a value innovation approach.

The new challenges of globalization and the issues related to the current economic crisis have brought to the fore the importance of networking for small and medium-sized enterprises, a model of excellence but also a big bet for the future. In fact, a network system is able to minimize the weaknesses typical of small and medium-sized enterprises, by strengthening knowledge and improving professional, managerial and organisational skills.

Fi.Mar. facilitates SMEs’ access to international markets.


Marketing and Innovation affect the results. How?

In recent years, all companies have had difficulties in their markets; some economic indicators, however, show that, for companies which had access to international markets, a sales growth was recorded, while other companies registered only significant losses. This is due, in my opinion, to the fact that stationary or slightly growing companies continued to adopt marketing strategies, perhaps doubling initiatives to encourage sales.

Three basic factors should be taken into account:

INNOVATION (new products and more options for customers). Innovation has always been the first choice to successfully address market evolutions and changes.

MARKETING (advertising, promotion, frequent contacts with customers, relations with specialized market places). Marketing produces customers, but marketing does not man just promoting a product. It means explaining to our customer why he should buy our product (private customer) or why he should choose it for its business (entrepreneur/architect).

SALES (improved engagement and sales force effectiveness, search for new markets or sales channels). Strengthening existing customer relationships and trying to attract new potential customers, by promoting the product and improving the quote/order ratio.

Fi.Mar. promotes innovation.


What is a Business Network?

A business network is what you need to create and develop relationships. The main goal is to promote mutual activities based on contract terms and not on proprietary control.

A network contract is a contract between companies which allows participants to share activities and resources to improve business operations and competitiveness.

Through a network contract, companies can combine entrepreneurial autonomy and the ability to access financial resources and know-how to achieve strategic objectives, which would otherwise be difficult for a small business.

A network contract makes also easier to access finance for SMEs. Each network consists of at least four companies.

Fi.Mar. helps your company to create a business network.