If the world of culture and art meets that of management, the artistic heritage can be successfully enhanced. Each area has its own identity, to be discovered through research, stories and the identification of peculiarities to be handed down form a generation to the next.

Our work aims at the implementation of cultural and artistic development projects, which include promotion and marketing strategies.



Artexplora theme park, Santa Lucia, Cesena

Development of a strategic plan linked to the area to access the tourism-cultural market.

Municipality of Forni di Sopra (UD) (2006/2008)

Development of a twinning project with Finland (Kauhajoki) through the ESF.

Municipality of Treppo Grande (UD) (2010/2011)

Design and direct implementation of the project “Terra Argilla e Territorio” – an artistic symposium aimed at enhancing the peculiarities of the area, characterised by kilns and clay processing.

Municipality of Udine

Planning and organisation of Christmas entertainment activities, with a “recycle tree” and an artistic treasure hunt.

Consorzio Forni di Sopra (UD) (2006/2007)

Design and direct implementation of the project “Le Macchine Poetiche” – an artistic symposium for woodworking.